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Theme Features

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Find our Shopify Theme Feature list below. Need a new feature added or can't find something here? Contact us.

Home Page

Drag & Drop

No coding needed on home, or any other page. Easily drag and drop sections. Edit them in minutes.

Mobile Friendly

We have created different designs for desktop & mobile to make sure the website works perfectly on all devices.

Video Banner

Easily add a video to your home page. Autoplay feature available on all devices. Add text & button. No YouTube or other logos over the video.

Artboard 6

Instagram Feed

Show your latest Instagram pictures on your website. Add a Follow us button to get new followers. Customize how many pictures are shown and more.


Add a slideshow section to your home page. You can add images & videos as you like. Add headings, text & buttons over the slides. Customize everything, including height specifically on mobile.


Capture your customers' emails at your home page. Works with any email capturing app or Shopify's own customer list. Add a checkbox to be compatible with GDPR. Add texts, edit colors, section size and more.

Product List

Show products from the collections you choose. Limit how many products to show. Add "Show all" button. Select from different styles, including smooth sliders. Select design for mobile. Edit title, colors and more.

Collection List

Select collections to show on your home page. Choose how many to show at once, on different devices. Edit section title, colors, size, gap and more. Add custom images for the collections or use the default ones.

Single Product

Show product information on your home page like at the product page. Perfect for single product stores or to showcase a new product for example. Completely customize what information to show. Add countdown timers and so much more. 

Blog Posts

Show selected such as latest blog posts in your home page. Select how many posts to show in total. Choose how many to show at once, on different devices. Blog posts has your selected image banner shown, some text, date & writer.

Custom Code

Add custom code blocks at your home page. You can now easily paste the code inside the theme editor for different apps etc. No need to get into theme code anymore.

Fullwidth Banner

Use a beautiful banner on your home page. Make it fullwidth, or normal. Add parallax effect when scrolling for extra style. Add content such as heading, paragraph & button with link over the banner. Edit everything such as font size, colors and position.

Style Banner

Show multiple smaller image banners at once. Choose from different styles for layout. Add headings, paragraphs & buttons. Customize everything like colors, font sizes, content positions and more.

Brand Logos

Add logos from different brands on your home page. Easily showcase brands you sell products from, companies you work with etc. Add links to the logos, such as a link to collections with products from these brands.


Create trust in your customers by adding testimonials on your home page. Select how they are shown on different screen sizes. Enable a beautiful smooth slider. Edit the title, gap etc. Add customer's image if you'd like.

Image Banner

Add custom images or icons with links on them. Add heading and text next to them. Perfect to give your customers reason to buy from you. Use this section to tell your customers things such as "free shipping", "money-back-guarantee" etc.

Built-in Apps

Pop Ups

Capture emails or give your customers discount codes. Show after a specific time, or when customers are leaving your site. Works both on desktop and mobile. Advanced options to customize the pop ups. 

Currency Converter

Show currency automatically according to customer's location. Add a clean currency changer dropdown with flags to your header and menu on mobile. Add info-boxes to cart page to let your customers know about your checkout currency. Currencies are changed without loading times unlike in Shopify apps. 

Upsell & Cross-sell

Use our built-in upsell & cross-sell feature to show specific products or collections when an item is added to cart. This is the best method to sell more if you have great related products. If your customers rejects the offer, they move to the cart page.

countdown, glass, hourglass, minute

Countdown Timer

Add countdown timers to product pages, product sliders, collection pages, cart page, pop ups and more. Easily use our unique Tag system to configure the timers specifically on different products. You can use evergreen (yes, we use cookies) or real timers. 

Custom Swatches

Design perfect swatches for your store. You can automatically add the product images to swatches, use colors (and quickly add any custom color), or use variant dropdowns. Show the variant name while hovering. Edit the swatch shape, size, border color or even use a checkbox instead of a border.

Sales Notification

Show your customers notifications about recently sold items with links directly to them. You can choose which products to show in these pop ups. Customize what information to show on the pop up (time, close button, text etc). Even choose the pop up open and close animation and how often it shows.

http://thenounproject.comThe Noun ProjectIcon TemplateRemindersStrokesTry to keep strokes at 4pxMinimum stroke weight is 2pxFor thicker strokes use even numbers: 6px, 8px etc.Remember to expand strokes before saving as an SVG SizeCannot be wider or taller than 100px (artboard size)Scale your icon to fill as much of the artboard as possibleUngroupIf your design has more than one shape, make sure to ungroupSave asSave as .SVG and make sure “Use Artboards” is checked100px.SVG

Live Search Results

Show results in live time when your customers are typing something into the search bar. Show products with their images, title & price. Even show results from your blogs and pages, and let customers filter which ones to show.

Cookies Box

Let your customers know about your cookie policy. This is required in some places. Add a pop up with link to your policy, agree button and some text. Design the pop up colors & text.

Sticky Buttons

Show sticky add to cart & checkout bars. Helps customers move to the next step of your funnel when they always see the buttons. Works both on desktop & mobile.

Product Page Tabs

Use our advanced system to add tabs to your product pages. You can select what to show in each tab from description, size chart, reviews or custom page content.


Enable a wishlist in your store. Lets customers save their desired products for later. Show all wishlist products at one page. Design a wishlist pop up. Customers can add products to wishlist from any page.

Product Page