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Shopify Kickstart

Our team will help you kickstart your business.


Our Experience

On the left you can see a real screenshot from a test store we run last year. We only worked on it for the first 4 months of the year, but still made up to $20k a month from old influencer posts, affiliates & ranking on google search results. All sales are using dropshipping business model.

One of the most important things we did, was to brand our store. You couldn't tell if it was a dropshipping store or a large company with hundreds of employees, at least the customers couldn't.

We can help you kickstart your store. Create a long lasting brand. All for a price that you will make back in no time.

Here's how.


Step 1. Let's discuss

Purchase our package, or contact us first. We'll talk about your goals, ideas & more. Our professionals will create a plan for your store, and talk through the process.


Step 2. Work begins

Our team will start working on your store & brand. We'll bring your and our discussed ideas to life. We'll keep in touch during the process to make sure the result is what you are looking for.


Step 3. The delivery

We'll be in touch once everything is finished. You can still ask us to change things, and discuss how we can make everything perfect.

So.. Exactly what?

Store design & setup

Your store will be designed by professionals to bring you the most sales possible and to create a strong brand.

  • Logo design

    We'll design you a professional logo that matches your store's niche. You can give us examples and ideas, or freedom to create an unique high quality logo.

  • cloud data final

    Theme & App setup

    We'll do a complete store setup including the theme and apps you might want. We'll take care of all the settings & integrations.

http://thenounproject.comThe Noun ProjectIcon TemplateRemindersStrokesTry to keep strokes at 4pxMinimum stroke weight is 2pxFor thicker strokes use even numbers: 6px, 8px etc.Remember to expand strokes before saving as an SVG SizeCannot be wider or taller than 100px (artboard size)Scale your icon to fill as much of the artboard as possibleUngroupIf your design has more than one shape, make sure to ungroupSave asSave as .SVG and make sure “Use Artboards” is checked100px.SVG


We'll create all the content you need to create a strong brand. We'll create the pages you need, import products, write descriptions, add images and more.

  • Product Research & Upload

    We'll research products, and upload them to your store using Oberlo or other software. We'll write seo friendly titles & descriptions, edit images & create collections.

  • Store Pages

    We'll setup pages in your store. This can include FAQ, About us, Collections etc. We'll write content for you in English.

Made for sales

We'll optimize your store for sales. Your customers will have a clear path from visiting for the first time to completing the checkout.

  • SEO & Site Speed

    We'll create SEO friendly product titles (or URLs only), descriptions, images and more. Your site will be as fast as possible, which also increases your ranking on search engines, and helps you make more sales.

  • Customer experience

    Your store will have a clear path from the product page to completing the purchase. We will add upsells that makes sense, easy checkout process, exit intent pop ups and more.

Every project is custom tailored. If you don't need some of these services, we can do more on some other area. You can also get in touch about something else that we didn't mention here. We can most likely do that as well.


All prices in USD. Visit checkout page for currency converter.


Everything you need to get started


Simple & clean logo

Theme setup (all settings)

5 Products researched & imported

4 Pages (contact, faq, about, collection etc)

2 Plugins (apps for example)

Setup payment gateway


Most popular option, for a good reason


More complex logo

Complete theme setup

15 Products researched & imported

6 Pages (contact, faq, about, collection etc)

4 Plugins (apps for example)

Simple code customization


For people building 6-figure brands


Any kind of logo you need

Complete theme, settings, payment gateways setup

25 Products researched & imported

8 Pages (contact, faq, about, collection etc) with plenty of content

6 Plugins (apps for example)

More complex code customization 

  • Custom

    For those with big plans. Let's talk.

VAT is added for EU customers without a VAT number. Contact us to request other payment methods.

Let's talk first!

We recommend contacting us first before placing an order to make sure the result is best possible. You could also place the order first. We'll be in touch anyways!