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Terms and Conditions - Theme

Agencies may buy licenses to our theme to build stores for their customers. Make sure to hand over the license key with store delivery.
Due to the nature of our business and products we sell (intangible irrevocable digital products) we are not offering refunds after the payment has been received & product download link sent.
It's up to the customer to decide if the product fits their needs. This can be done by examining the sales page & demo store, or by contacting us for more information.
We are not responsible if some third-party software are not compatible with our theme. We do not offer free support to do custom work (if an app is not working for example, contact app developers always for support).
We are not responsible if changes to Shopify platform or other related services changes how our theme works. We do guarantee to work on any possible problems like this though.
If you you submit a dispute or chargeback with your credit card provider or PayPal, your acceptance of these terms and your IP address will be submitted as part of our response. 
If anything is unclear or you have more questions feel free to contact our customer support team.