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Step 3: Access


Contact us if you need more support. You can also visit the support documentation of different platforms for help.

Shopify access

We will request for access with our partner account. Just submit your admin URL in the form at the bottom of this page.

Just make sure that either anyone can send a collaboration request or share a code with us.

WordPress / other platforms

If you use WordPress, add our account as a new user.

Make sure to select Administrator as the role.


For other platforms:
follow their instructions or contact us for support.

Google Analytics

Add us as a user to your Google Analytics. You can give full access to our main email, and we can then invite other users as needed.

Choose Account or Property Access Management depending on what you use your Google Analytics for.


Google Optimize / other tools

You won't need to give us access to Google Optimize as it's linked to Google Analytics. You can observe the A/B test results on GA.

We'll use our own account for tools like: Microsoft Clarity & Hotjar

Please grant us access to any other tools that might be used.

Slack channel

Add your & your team members emails on the form (next step). We'll create a channel and invite you.

Slack is often the most efficient channel for communication.

Contact us if you have any questions about access to accounts. Otherwise, move on to the next step!

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