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Social Proof

This is the pop up in the lower left corner that shows which products your customers has purchased recently.


1. Navigate to Social Proof Pop Up under Theme Settings.

2. You can enable the pop up, if the time is shown, if customers can close the pop up & if it shows on mobile.

3. Select the animation type (slide or fade).

4. Delay time selects how often the pop up shows.

5. Limit selects how many pop ups can show while visiting a page.

6. Select the collection from where the products are chosen from. We can't get real data from Shopify. We suggest you create a collection with your top selling items, and then create a realistic pop up program.

7. Social Proof Minimum & Maximum let's you select the minutes when the product was supposedly purchased.

8. Customer name let's you select the text before "purchased a". We recommend "Someone".