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Slider (home page section)

This section is perfect as the first section on your home page. Show information you feel like is important to help you sell more. You can also add a video in this slider.

To add sections to home page of your site, Navigate to Shopify (Admin Panel -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Sections -> Add Section).


1. You can Enable/Disable the section after adding it, so that you don't lose the settings.

2. Section gap adds space under the section. If you'd like to add space on top, enable section gap on the section above.

3. You can choose if the section is fullwidth or not.


4. Choose from 2 Styles. Style 1 is the classic with images & videos. Style 2 is perfect for a large store with lots of collections. You can add menus, and multiple images on style 2.

5. Pagination shows small dots in the bottom of the slider to show how many sliders there are. Navigation shows the arrows. You can enable these at the same time. Choose colors for them.


7. Next settings are for Style 2 only. You can add menus & edit them here.


8. At the bottom you can add the images & videos to your slider.


9. Here you can highly customize the slider content. Add the image, texts & a button.