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Single Product (home page section)

You can use this section to show a single product on your home page. Perfect if you only have a single (or few) products on your site. You can make the home page your product page using this feature.


1. You can Enable/Disable the section after adding it, so that you don't lose the settings.

2. Section gap adds space under the section. If you'd like to add space on top, enable section gap on the section above.

3. You can choose if the section is fullwidth or not.


4. Write the title for this section. Please note that the product title will be shown on a different position. You can also keep this empty if you don't need a title.

5. Select the product you'd like to use.


6. You can enable/disable the Wishlist feature for this section. If you'd like to enable it, make sure wishlist is enabled for the whole site from other settings.

7. You can choose to show some text and link to a page on your website. Perfect for adding a refund policy for example.

8. You can select to disable countdown timer (even if the product has timer tag added).

9. You can enable/disable the quantity selector.

10. You can enable/disable the shipping text. You can edit this text from product settings.


11. You can choose to show the "You save" label on this section. This shows if the product has compare to price. Choose if the label shows the percentage or currency amount. Select the colors.