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Product page design

1. Navigate to a product page, and under sections click Product.

2. There are some specific colors settings here, but main color settings for the whole theme is found at Colors on Theme Settings.


3. Sidebar Alignment chooses on which side the sidebar is, or if the page is fullwidth. You can also later select if the sidebar items are shown on mobile or not.


4. Page Select Option adds little bit of text from a selected page under add to cart buttons. This is a great place to include your refund policy for example.


5. Trust & Payment Image let's you add a custom picture at the product page. Make sure you are allowed to use everything that the badge shows. Adding a "McAfee Secure" badge might not be allowed if you don't use their service for example.

6. Enable Wishlist adds the icon to the product page. However, you need to create a page with wishlist template suffix from your Shopify store's Pages. You also will need to enable Wishlist for the whole website from General Settings.

7. From Social Sharing Buttons you can select if the Share icons are showing, and on what devices.

8. Floating Add To Cart adds a sticky add to cart button to the top of the product page, when the normal button is not visible.

9. You can select an image for the Size Chart & page for the Shipping Description.

10. Related Product Widget let's you customize the product slider below the description.

11. Collection List, Special Product Widget & Sidebar Banner settings let's you enable and edit sidebar.

12. You Save box shows if the product is on sale. You can edit if it shows the discount percentage or amount of currency. All the colors are editable as well.


13. Product Button Style let's you choose from 2 styles for the zoom, video & share buttons.