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How to use product tags (Video, Countdown, Available, Sold & Viewing)

This article includes instructions for product tags with functions on product pages. You can also use tags for filters on collection page. See the collection page article for this.

Product tag examples:

YouTube video pop up: video-0DtmznPMn4w


Copy the code at the end of your video's URL. Make sure the video is Public or Unlisted.

Add "video-" in the beginning of this code, and add the whole thing to your product tags.


X sold in last 24 hours: product_sold-47/81-9_secYou can customize the numbers, and how fast they change to simulate the real activity of your store. You can also customize the texts from theme customization (product settings).
Number 47 (in this case) chooses the number that your customers sees when they first open the product page with this tag. Second number 81 chooses how high this number can go. Number 9 in the end chooses how often this number changes. Please note that "Product sold" & "Product available" changes at the same time to create a realistic feeling for your customers.
X pieces available: product_available-35This tag chooses how many products are shown as available when your customer first opens the page with this tag. The number changes together with "Product sold". Choose a number that makes sense with "Product sold".
X viewing this product: product_view-19/25-4_secThis chooses how many people are shown viewing the product with this tag. The first two numbers chooses between which numbers the count stays at. The last number chooses how often the number changes.
Countdown timers
Evergreen countdown timer: countdown_minuts-30
This timer starts from the beginning when it reaches 0. Cookies are used so the timer doesn't start from the beginning when refreshing the page. Change the number in the end of the tag to customize the timer on the timer.
Real countdown timer: countdown_date-2019/7/19 20:00:00
Use this when you want to show a countdown timer until a real date and time. Months comes first, day second. 24 hour time system.