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How to update your theme?

We will notify about new updates by email. You can then download the new version from the same download link you received after purchasing our theme.

1. Navigate to Shopify (Admin Panel -> Online Store -> Themes -> Upload Theme).

2. Select the ZIP file and click upload file. Make sure you are uploading the ZIP file, not a folder with it inside it etc.

If you'd like to use same settings as in your previous version, keep following.

3. Click "Edit code" in your old theme version.


4. Navigate to "Settings_data.json" and copy everything inside this file.


5. Now navigate to the same "Settings_data.json" on your new theme, select all and paste the settings from your old theme.

And that's it. Your new theme should now have all the same settings as your old theme. If we have added new settings, they will not be affected and you would need to check them at theme customization.

If we have changed setting names, this might not work for those settings.