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Fullwidth Banner (home page section)

With this section you can showcase a large image with text & a button.

To add sections to home page of your site, Navigate to Shopify (Admin Panel -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Sections -> Add Section).


1. You can Enable/Disable the section after adding it, so that you don't lose the settings.

2. Section gap adds space under the section. If you'd like to add space on top, enable section gap on the section above.

3. You can choose if the section is fullwidth or not.

4. Enabling Parallax Effect means the picture has an effect of staying on it's position while scrolling down. Make sure you have high resolution image for this.

5. You can customize the banner height after uploading it.


6. Choose the image you'd like to show.

7. Select the position for content over the image (text & button).


8. Write the banner Heading (You can keep these options empty if you'd like to not add anything over the image).

9. Select the Heading font size & Color.

10. Write the Paragraph for the banner and select the text font size & color.

11. Add a button if you'd like to. Write the button text & add a link.