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Brand Logos (home page section)

You can use this section to show brands you sell products from, or to show other small images (such as shipment companies etc).
To add sections to home page of your site, Navigate to Shopify (Admin Panel -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Sections -> Add Section).


1. You can Enable/Disable the section after adding it, so that you don't lose the settings.

2. Section gap adds space under the section. If you'd like to add space on top, enable section gap on the section above.

3. You can choose if the section is fullwidth or not.

4. Add the title for this section (this is what customers see on your website).


5. You can select how many images to show on different screen sizes. This section uses smooth slider.


6. Lastly you can add the images. You can also add links when clicking these images. You can for example create collections for different brands you sell, and then link them.