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Data-driven Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

Do you already have a team to implement changes to your online store?

Get our data-driven Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audit to understand better what to focus on.

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What is a CRO audit

A CRO audit is a research and data-driven assessment of the current state of your eCommerce store.

It's like going through your site with a magnifying glass to find weak links and elements that cause anxiety and friction for your visitors.

CRO audits are needed so that you'll find the bottlenecks that stop people from converting.

Analytics Research

We don't just look at your site visually and then pretend to know all the answers. Instead, we do data analysis to conclude a data-driven CRO audit for you.

User Research

CRO audits can also include user research where we actually have people go through your site with a goal, and then see how they do.


Having a CRO audit in a written format where you'll be easily able to find out what to fix is obviously important. We will deliver an extensive report.

Understanding Customers

While numbers and analytics are important for us, it's also crucial that we actually understand your customers and what their goals are when visiting your site.

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