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For eCommerce Brands

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)​

Convert more of your current store visitors into buyers and more of these buyers into repeat customers while maximizing the profitability of every order!

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How is CRO done?

Conversion Rate Optimization is a complex process that only an experienced team of CRO experts, UX designers, developers & copywriters can together successfully perform.

There's a lot to it, and we would love to tell you more on a call!

Data & Analytics

Data is the most important thing in CRO. Nopsbit does all decisions based on our deep analysis.

A/B Testing

Split testing is an important part of our work. It helps us find out what works the best for your brand.


Targeting segments and individual users with personalized experiences helps you generate even higher returns

Products & Pricing

Product and pricing research is crucial to optimize your margins and position in the market.

UX/UI Design & Development

Nopsbit might be a CRO agency, but once we've decided to implement a new feature or change, we'll make it pretty!


Like everything else, copywriting is data-driven! We'll research what your users want to hear, and then deliver it to them in a way that converts.

Why does CRO matter?

CRO and increasing Average Order Value are often overlooked even though they make a massive difference.

A realistic 0.50% increase for a current 1.75% conversion rate together with just a $15 increase in average order value brings extra $131,250 for this business monthly, or $1,575,000 annually. That's with the same amount of traffic!

The Process

Learn more about the cycle we follow

Collect & Research Data

Nopsbit is a data oriented CRO agency. All our decisions are based on data, which we'll dive deep into. A major part of our work is data analysis.

Create & Test a Hypothesis

Based on the data, we'll create a hypothesis about something that could potentially improve your sales. We will then test it usually by A/B testing.

Analyze Results

Analyzing the results in a correct way is crucial to make sure that we actually implement correct changes that has a positive effect on your business.

Implement Winners

We'll finally implement the changes in a polished way for all of your site visitors to see! Then, we'll do this all again with something different!

What we offer

Instead of offering all kinds of services, our agency focuses on conversion rate optimization for eCommerce brands. This makes it possible for us to deliver exceptional results! If you are looking for an agency where processes are clear, communication is on point and the results are great - we are here for you!







Case Study

Kubui struggled with improving their conversion rate and average order value. They didn't have any experience doing data analysis, A/B split testing or implementing any major improvements to the store.

By data and user research, we found out that visitors most struggled with navigating the store that has plenty of products and categories. Also, the store lacked trust and urgency resulting in many visitors leaving it too soon.

We created a hypothesis focused on this, and split tested multiple changes over next few months. The testing resulted in us updating the navigation menus, making the home page more catalog focused, making the search field more obvious and many other smaller changes. Our team also added an announcement bar with most important trust factors, as well as trust badges at the product page and footer.

We advised Kubui to offer free shipping and including taxes in product prices. This was a massive improvement. We also made this clear to customers by adding a highlighted text right under the price on each product page.

To improve Average Order Value, we suggested some pricing changes. Our team also created a "frequently bought together" functionality on the product page and based on data research, added the most suitable products for these bundles with discounts.

Kubui also does product sales often, so we added a countdown timer on product page together with an image banner that indicates that there is an ongoing sale happening.

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