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Why you should use Shopify to create your online store


Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we shop currently, but also in the future. Businesses are already moving online, and fast. Shopify is in the middle of all this for a good reason. Here’s why you should choose Shopify as the platform for your online store.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that let’s you create a website, manage orders, marketing and so much more. It’s one of the most popular and currently fastest growing platforms. You don’t need to have any previous or technical experience to create and manage your store unlike with some other do it yourself platforms. That doesn’t change the fact that some of the largest eCommerce brands with technically skilled people still chooses Shopify as their go-to platform.

1. It's easy to create a great customer experience

Shopify makes it very easy for your customers to shop. It’s difficult to create a bad website with Shopify. You can choose from numerous themes to start designing your store. Different themes comes with different design options you can easily configure without coding. Shopify is famous for it’s drag-and-drop site builder which let’s you visually move sections around. You can also visit the App Store for pretty much any feature you need added for your site. Some themes like our Nopsbit Shopify Theme comes with built-in apps that helps you keep everything in one place and save you money on fees.

2. Sell anywhere at any time

By this I don’t only mean different states and countries, but different sites and marketplaces. Shopify POS let’s you sell in person as well. You can easily add your products to your website, social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram or marketplaces like Amazon. There are many options how you can take care of shipping the products to your customers. You can manage your inventory, or arrange dropshipping model for example. Shopify’s trusted checkout is familiar to online shoppers by now which will help create trust with your new visitors.

3. Don't worry about the technical side of things

Unlike some other platforms, Shopify has their own servers so you don’t need to get one. As they power some of the largest brands in the world, you will also benefit from this. There is little to no downtime, ever. Even in those rare cases of issues, the Shopify team will be instantly working to fix the issue while you don’t need to do anything. Say goodbye to having to hire a developer just to fix your site that suddenly broke.

4. Be part of a great community with like-minded people

Shopify has a huge community (and I mean HUGE) of business owners, marketers and other like-minded people. There are forums, Facebook groups, YouTube channels, websites and more all focused on building a brand with Shopify. The team behind this great platform communicates well and listens to their customers. You won’t feel, and are not alone in building a business. In fact, I think this alone is one of the best reasons to use Shopify to run your business.

To end this post, I will link some useful material for you to explore. Read some articles at Shopify’s amazing blog. Visit Shopify Resources to learn more. Watch interesting videos at their YouTube channel. Feel free to contact us or Shopify to ask any questions!

Nopsbit focuses on optimizing Shopify and other eCommerce stores for a higher conversion rate and average order value. Are you already making sales? Contact us to learn how we can help you sell more.

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