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Nopsbit Shopify Theme receives the largest update yet


One of the most advanced Shopify themes has been updated (V1.3) after the team received tons of feedback and suggestions. Not only that, but the price has been cut up to half for a limited time. We’ve been working hard, and aim to get our theme to masses.

Below you’ll find some of the changes we published just on this update. You can expect to receive updates like this frequently. Keep reading to learn more about the pricing offer, and especially why we did it.

Whole new button design settings

Modern, wider buttons on product page

Options to add icons to both the buy now & add to cart buttons (with many icons to choose from)

Roundness options for both product page, but also other buttons

  • Modern, wider buttons on product page
  • Options to add icons to both the buy now & add to cart buttons (with many icons to choose from)
  • Roundness options for both product page, but also other buttons

New smooth pop up animations

  • Enable smooth fade & zoom animations for all pop ups
  • Works on all devices

This simple feature is one of my favorites. It gives the theme a really nice smooth feeling.

Sold out variants

  • Has now clean strikethrough line or X over them
  • Works with multiple different variants (updates when clicking them)

More advanced related products

  • Now shows products from same collections on product, cart and other pages
  • Works automatically (no need to setup anything)

Design changes

  • Header border removed and added shadow instead when the header is in sticky mode
  • Added option to edit product page tab border color (make it same with background to achieve modern & simple look)
  • Arrow button backgrounds removed from home page slider section
  • Aligned some items better with each other
  • Video pop up improved
  • Added option to edit product page trust badge width on both mobile and desktop (scales down in high resolution now)
  • Some icons changed to achieve more constant style site wide
  • Review app widget made fullwidth instead of the boxes in old versions
  • Sticky add to cart & checkout bars moved to the bottom of screen
  • Text shadow options added to home page sections
  • Favicon is now in higher resolution

Terms and conditions checkbox

  • Is now available on product page for users who enable buy now button

Return to button

  • At the bottom of product page

Loading time improvements

  • We have improved loading times on many pages, especially on product page
  • Loading animations improved on many places

If you are experiencing slower loading times, make sure you have optimized your image sizes and apps you have installed does not affect the theme.

Settings navigation

  • Combined some related settings for more simple interface
  • Removed some settings

We have many great ideas for how we can make the theme more easy to edit. We’ve got feedback that sometimes the settings can be confusing. Rest assured, the settings will be improved a lot & with new upcoming video tutorials this will get better.

Bug fixes

Our goal is to make the theme flawless, so we are working hard to make sure everything works with everything.

If you have noticed something that is still not fixed after this update, let us know and we’ll get it fixed.

..and more

What to expect in the future?

  • Whole new product page styles
  • New home page sections
  • More options for custom content on product page tabs (and other places)
  • New styles for header
  • More freedom to edit footer settings
  • Mega menu changes
  • Collection home page section & collection list redesign

and so much more!

Limited time price drop

With this update, we have also dropped the price up to 50% (depending on the license package). This decision was made after receiving so many messages about new business owners who hoped to purchase the theme but couldn’t. We totally get that! Since one of our theme’s main selling points is to save you money, it just makes sense to now offer the whole theme for lower price.

We can’t keep the price this low forever, but will look for the perfect balance on how well we can offer support, grow our team and so on.

Learn more about our theme

Visit our theme page to learn more about the features, design and more.

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