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Faster and better than ever! Nopsbit Shopify theme update


We’ve just released a new update for our Shopify Theme. This time we’ve focused optimization.

On the surface this one doesn’t look big, but actually is one of the largest yet. We’ve worked hard for the past months to improve the theme on various areas. We’ve laid foundation for the future. There are many great things coming to our Shopify theme soon. This update helps us bring new exiting features faster in the future.

So, what has been changed?

We fixed all the bugs that were reported lately:

  • Terms & Conditions Checkbox issues
  • FB Pixel not tracking properly always
  • Swatches not showing the correct image sometimes depending on how the variants are set up
  • and more


Many features of the theme has been improved for even faster loading time (this is what we’ve worked the most on). We are still changing how some things works for the next update for even better experience.

Few new features

  • Logo size options (mobile & desktop separately)
  • Header font size options
  • Mobile menu specific colors
  • and other smaller ones

Few new features

Feel free to reach out to us with any ideas for the theme! We are motivated and working hard to make our theme the best possible.

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